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Sellers Guide

Bids & Offers

From the Seller's Perspective

Whether you are buying or selling a home, consider the sale of a home as a transaction beneficial to both parties. Very often buyers and sellers become emotional, feel slighted or even offended if neither party makes responsible and realistic offers.

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Home Preparation

You want to sell your home, and you want to get the most for it you can. There are some simple tips that will help you attract a bid and ease the bidding process. You first need to place yourself in the position of the person who will be viewing your home. Remember you probably won't be there for the showing.

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Pricing Your Home

Pricing North Texas homes is not an exact science. Your home’s value is only as good as the price a qualified buyer is willing to pay. The keys determining the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and North Texas home prices, like most other areas are:

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Selling Process

To help you get started, we've outlined most of the key steps to selling your home and detailed the ways that we can provide assistance.

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Homeseller Tips

Following are a few tips to remember when you're selling a home:

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